At TESUP, we are on a mission to empower homes with innovative wind turbines and solar panels, shaping a brighter, cleaner, and sustainable future together.

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  • "I am thrilled with TESUP's wind turbines and solar panels, especially living in Ireland where renewable energy is highly valued. The H7 wind turbine has been a reliable and efficient source of clean energy, even in changing weather conditions.. TESUP  has allowed me to reduce my carbon footprint and contribute to a greener world"

    - Aoife K. from Cork, IE

  • "TESUP's wind turbines and solar panels have revolutionized my energy consumption. The V7B wind turbine effortlessly harnesses clean energy from the wind, while the high-efficiency FLEX solar panel maximizes my energy production. With TESUP, I proudly participate in the renewable energy revolution."

    - Liam O. from Dublin, IE

  • "Living in Ireland, I wanted to take advantage of the country's abundant wind resources, and TESUP's wind turbines have been a blessing. The V7 vertical wind turbine has been exceptionally efficient, converting the Irish winds into clean energy. TESUP's top-notch products and price point  have empowered me to live a sustainable lifestyle."

    - Siobhan M. from Galway, IE