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H7 Horizontal Wind Turbine

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Capable of generating up to 7 kW of power and providing a daily energy output of up to 168 kWh

TESUP H7 is the world's most preferred horizontal wind turbine, capable of generating up to 7 kWh of electricity per hour. It's very robust and durable; capable of operating in extreme weather conditions.

Designed and manufactured by the world's leading household wind turbine and solar panel manufacturer, TESUP, operating in the United Kingdom locally among other 30 countries.

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The Book by TESUP

Explore The Book by TESUP to access our product manuals, delve into our values and mission and discover how we're shaping the future with renewable energy. 

Side view of the TESUP H7 Horizontal Wind Turbine (7000W) - Product Image for Carousel
Cross view of the TESUP H7 Horizontal Wind Turbine (7000W) - Product Image for Carousel
Back view of the TESUP H7 Horizontal Wind Turbine (7000W) - Product Image with dimensions for Carousel


Product Features

Meets the daily electricity needs of most households with 7 KW power.

TESUP H7 generates 7 KW of power standalone, capable of meeting daily household electric needs.

Durable and Resistant to Weather Conditions

The corrosion-resistant carbon fiber body is capable of operating at extremely cold temperatures, down to -50°C.

Rotation at Low Wind Speed

Rotation starts at a wind speed as low as 3 m/s, and from there, it continues spinning smoothly and effortlessly thanks to its large wind-catching surface area.

Easy and Quick Installation

The product can be installed in around only 40 minutes. Watch how to do it by clicking the link.

Double the Power

It can also be combined with TESUP solar panels for optimal energy production.

Sell to the Grid

The electricity generated by H7 can also be sold to the grid by using an inverter.

2 Year Warranty

The product comes with a 2-year TESUP Care Product Warranty, providing peace of mind and ensuring that your investment is protected.

How to Use

Please keep in mind that the wind turbine needs to be installed following the user manual which can be found in “The Book by TESUP”and under ideal weather conditions to reach its maximum power generation potential. 

This product is compatible with connection to the electrical board at various output power settings. However, it may only be connected to a power socket after the necessary adjustments in accordance with country-specific regulations have been made.